polyethylene terephthalate / PET


Shape Flakes
Colors White/clear, Light Blue, Green
Bulk density, gm/cm3 0.3-0.4
IV (Intrinsic Viscosity), dl/g 0.77±0.02
Specific gravity 1.34
Moisture, % <0.7
PVC, PPM <100
PE, PPM <10
PP, PPM <10
Coloured PET flakes(beside blue), PPM <800
Particle sizes, mm 6-15
Fines (part. size less than 0.3 mm), % <0.5
Other Contamination <100
Hot washed PET flakes separated from the labels, rings and bottle caps, suitable for production of yarn (POY, FDY & DTY), sheet and pellets, preforms and strapping.


  1. PET fiber grade is used for production of polyester staple fiber and polyester filament yarn.
  2. Non-fiber grade polyester like bottle grade, film grade and other purposes grade, are widely used in packaging, electronics, health care, construction, automotive and other fields.