High density polyethylene / HDPE


Shape Granules
Density, g/cm3 0.941-0.959
MFR (190 °C/2.16kg), g/10min ≤1
Tensile yield strength, Mpa ≥20
Flexural modulus, Mpa ≥965
Elongation break, % ≥350
Dielectric Constant 2.32
Loss Tangent Max 0.0001
Virgin & recycled high density polyethylene for non-toxic use, tasteless, without smell, melting point is at 130 °C. It has good resistance to heat and cold, chemical stability, and also has high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength. Also have good dielectric properties.Applications:

Barrels, bottles & bags, all kind of pipes, shading net, insulating of cable wires, and many other products. Is used also for the production of telephones and as cable insulation material.

The pipe grade HDPE can be used in the production of pressure pipes, fuel gas pipelines and other industrial pipes. It can also be used for non-pressure pipes: double–wall corrugated pipes, hollow–wall wingding pipes, silicon–pipes, silicon–core pipes, agriculture irrigation pipes and aluminum–plastic compound pipes.