wheelie-bin 1100

wheelie-bin 1100

Specification Details
Capacity, Liters: 1100

Height, cm: 130

Length, cm: 121

Width, cm: 134

Weight, Kg: 62

The container is strong and mobile. It is designed for household use, it contain also very good fixed sealed cover which prevent propagation of smells, which permit the easy opening and handling and unloading automatically in the waste truck.


  • Raw material: HDPE, highly resistant to UV light, low temperature and heat
  • Double skinned UV resistant rotary-moulded lid with optional lid lock brush and flap options and multiple available colors
  • Combined lifting bar (frontal receiver) to EN840-2
  • Facility for ID chip in frontal receiver to EN14803
  • Draw-depth and shape of pressings optimized to avoid buckling/distortion of bin on impact or lifting during loading
  • Sump base for improved rigidity and stability with drain plug
  • Robust hinge bar secured by split-pin
  • DIN point lifting trunnions (optional)
  • Handles designed to EN840 for ergonomic handling and safety keeping hands away from lifting gear
  • Fully internally welded seams
  • Special directional towing castors
  • Towing hitch and eye kit