PP strapping band

PP strapping band

Our production lines harness the latest technology to produce lighter weight products, which offer comparable qualities and performance. The high technology extruder machines allow us to produce 12 straps in a single line to obtain maximum output with stable product quality. This technology also allows us to make thin gauge and lightweight PP Strapping band, which provides significant reduction of raw material that, reduces end-user cost.



Dimensions (mm) Surface Core (mm) Breaking Strength (mm) Length(m)
9 x 0.6 Embossed / Smooth 200 / 406 270-320 4.000
12 x 0.6 Embossed / Smooth 200 / 406 280-360 3.000
15 x 0.6 Embossed / Smooth 200 / 406 380-420 2.500
19 x 0.6 Embossed / Smooth 200 / 406 480-520 2.000

Colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White


In addition to rules on how we produce the strapping band in accordance to the requirements of our customers, we provide the following advantages:

  • Good adhesion to plastic weld goods
  • Color as per request
  • 5 times better bearing compared with other straps
  • Company name & logo on the strapping band which help in brand building
  • Wire for straight and uniform automatic and semi-automatic strapping machine.


Reasonable prices: Getting to the “Time efficiency package“, so our strapping band always lower the price.

The cost of each meter of strapping band is always lower than same size PP strapping band because we have the best production technology and the best manufacturing techniques.

Reduced depreciation expense strapping machine: Our PP strapping band is made from virgin/recycled materials do wear little details strapping machine compared to other PP strapping band.

Increase labor productivity by 2 times: Our straight and uniform PP strapping band for automatic/semi-automatic machine contribute to labor productivity growth to 2 times packed with other types of strapping band.

Reduce inventory costs for companies: Our PP strapping band is always available to serve our customers peace of mind to help customers reduce inventory but not fear of affecting production.

Delivery: Through delivery, we desire to ensure that the best quality goods are handed to the customer in the agreed terms and are listening to the customer’s mind increasingly better service.

Widespread service: We strive to have a huge dealer network across Europe and Asia in order to provide the best customers service.


Application of PP strapping band

PP strapping band is widely applied in business due to the ease of use, increased productivity with lower costs in the following packing applications:

  • Bricks
  • Ceramics
  • Wood
  • Fiber
  • Steel tubes and preparations
  • Paper
  • Packing crates and goods on pallets
  • Fisheries, forestry and agricultural processing