About Us

From the establishment in 2015, we are in charge of the processing and sales of highly-functional resin materials and molded articles. Since the beginning of activity we aspired to provide full satisfaction to customers, providing high quality products and goods. We has been a distinguished manufacturer of plastic products. The products’ highest quality ensured our strong presence on the global market and we obtained an extensive customers base from worldwide.

Our products are extensively appreciated worldwide and we have an extended base of customers across many industries and corporations. At the moment product range includes plastic strapping bands, chairs, crates, pallets and waste bins and the list is to be expanded soon as we strive to develop and grow our product base. Our wide variety of household and industrial products find multiple uses and are supplied to customers worldwide. We are attentive about the environmental concerns and thus we ensured an ecological way of waste disposal from our manufacturing facility and its subsequent recycling.

Our company started its activity as a small manufacturer of plastic pallets. After realizing its core competence in this field our company performed the first expansion in order to include several types of strapping bands, chairs and other plastic products. After many years of experience we understood closely the market trends and customers’ needs and starting with this point we manufactured products corresponding to the demand. We become an organization which is socially responsible under its management and guidance.